We like images.

This is our first blog, and I will attempt to explain the reason for its existence:

We think is very important to learn about what you like the most, and to practice as much as possible the skills you want to develop regarding those likes. For us, a reason is not necessary, only to have a real desire to work on what you like, love or feel passionate about. In our case, images have moved many strings in our lives, and it is a pleasure to realise that many fields give us the possibilities to keep enjoying images and having fun. We are just regular people trying to learn everyday.

In this blog you will find only a store of information and a canvas for practice. Our main desire is to put together our interests and create something that can help us to develop our creativity.

The main fields we will work on are: films, comic, graphic novel, drawing, painting, photography and some information about written and visual language.

If you are curious about these fields and want to see our work or learn through our researches, please be welcomed to read and comment.


Visual Ark.

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