I am working in developing a new career for my life, and walking forward to a better place and more achieved goals. Here it goes:

After some hard decisions I had to take about my career by the end of last year, everything seemed to be better and flowing exactly in the direction I most wanted. I moved to another place and actually made some dreams come true, I knew other kind of lifestyle, I could taste and experience what happiness and fulfilment really were for me, however, this was just but a small proof of the sort of life that I want to live. To achieve that kind of life I had to come back to where I was and work on ‘paperwork’ and ‘procedures’, everything seemed to be fine, but when the final answer arrived, it was not what I expected.

For several weeks everything was confusion. I have spent my days regaining my energy and trying to enjoy things little by little, doing what I liked the most and keeping in mind that I would stand up again at the right moment. It seems the moment has come now, thanks to a wonderful book (How to find a fulfilling job, by Roman Krznaric) I have found the courage, not only to stand up and try again, but also to try in different ways, to experiment, to experience, to dare. For me to do that, I will have to beat my shyness and let things flow.

It is because of it, that I now come close to my followers and people interested in my blog, to announce that I am going to venture and work in translations English-Spanish-English. I very much enjoy the process of translating and have done it before, for friends and past jobs, but I never considered it as something I could give myself to, until now. I am very excited about this new adventure, so if any of you are interested or in need of a work, paper, video, etc. to be translated, do not hesitate to contact me through this blog, I will gladly check with you details, budget and put myself to work!

Thank you for your support and may your dreams come true!

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