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Inspired by the structure of Felix de Azua’s ‘Dictionary of the Arts’ and by Greenaway’s short film about organisation and lists ‘H is for House’, this glossary is compounded by concepts related with visual arts, each word has two meanings: one from our perspective and the other from the ‘New Oxford American Dictionary’ or the ‘Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus’, and used for every entry on the day that the post is published.
Along with the meanings, every time a new word is posted, it comes with a list of 10 random words that also start with the same first letter, as the structure used in the film above mentioned.

A is for Angle


Hovercraftdoggy. (26 Oct, 2014). The ‘Lantern Pavilion’ in Langgata, Sandnes, Norway  by AWP / Atelier Oslo architects. Photographs by Jonas Adolfsen

The Lantern Norwegian Wood


Lisa was amazed when he looked down, her sight directed toward the valley that was way below from the mountains, she was standing at the top and the line that separated her eyes from the world below was diagonal. Everything seemed too small for her, like if men had become little figurines walking around in a murmur that contrasted the utter silence of the giants that held her existence. Tall trees that in her eyes looked more like the children of the valley surrounded the small town where Ned and Kate were playing, their puppies were beside them looking for a rabbit that had run away to hide in its burrow, their little wet noses stuck in the earth. Ned looked up and saw Lisa standing at the top of the mountains, diagonal sight. She looked like a little star in broad daylight sparkling from above, it took him a few moments to clear his mind and know that his sister had returned.

Wordy Words

A is for…

Abbey, accent, accurate, act, actor, adjective, adversary, adverb, alliteration, amazing, ant, anxiety, apple, April, arm, army, art, ashtray, awesome, axe.

Dictionary Meaning

The space within two line or three or more planes diverging from a common point, or within two planes diverging from a common line. The amount of rotation needed to bring one line or plane into coincidence with another, generally measured in degrees, minutes and seconds. A viewpoint; standpoint. . A position from which something is viewed or along which it travels or acts, often as measured by its inclination from an implicit horizontal or vertical baseline.

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D is for Director




This is a man who flies away in his mind. He has the capacity not only to organise people and stuff, both wittingly managed as props, but also ideas, moments, events, emotions and stories. Many of them known by their special features that, although are not a requirement, seem to be the preferred behaviour among them: obsession for control, obsession for a story, obsession for images and words; detachment from reality in order to create another sort of reality; reflectiveness upon anything and everything that happens around. This is a very dangerous man who, no doubt, will bewitch anyone that likes magical imagery through the stories he can manage to put in images, movement and time; and also through the happiness and satisfaction that inevitably causes in the audience.


Wordy Words

D is for…

Day, dairy, daisy, daughter, dear, destiny, detachment, dilatation, divine, dominant, door, dormant, doorway, dragon, dreams, drops, drugs, dubious, dull, dungeon, duty.

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S is for Shot


The camera is on, the lens open and:

1. Click, –’Action!’: a woman is walking her dog through a long park, the trees are leafy and their colours seem bright, different tones of green and yellow, perhaps a few light-brownish branches. Her dog is smelling the grass and it sets loose, runs towards a man who is drinking coffee while walking, he is a bit distracted by the cars. The woman is afraid the dog might cross the street, the man notices the dog and calls it with familiarity. The dog comes back to him and smells him moving its tale and barking with joy. The woman stops and smiles. –’Cut!’. Click.

2. Click, –’Action!’: The family is in the kitchen sitting around the table having breakfast, the children’s toys are around the place. Fruit is in the table, orange juice, tea and toast. The three little kids finish their breakfast and run upstairs to their room in despair to play. Laughs and screams are heard while mom and dad are sitting at the table discussing their weekend. Dad remains silent whilst trying to smell something different, smoke is coming down the stairs and the laughing has ceased. The smell of something burning is evident and they run upstairs to take their kids. –’Cut!’. Click.

3. Click, ‘Action!’: in the set of a car race two strong and very different men, dressed for the occasion, get inside their racing cars and prepare themselves for the race. The crowd in the benches behind is screaming with excitement. Around the cars is a lot of movement by the engineers and supervisors who are also preparing the competitors. Both men look to each other in rivalry, they start their engines and wait for the sound. The sound is heard and they advance. –’Cut!’. Click.

Salt, season, seriousness, show, similarity, spa, star, superiority, supreme, synchronisation.

Photography:a photograph, especially a snapshot: Here’s a nice shot of my kids.
the act of making a photograph, especially a snapshot.
Movies, Television: a unit of action photographed without interruption and constituting a single camera view.(1)

(1) Definition taken from <; (22 March, 2014)

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S is for Sequence

1. A man walks on a beach slowly and sees a big rock on the shore.

2. He walks to the rock and digs a bit below it. He hides something in the sand and covers it.

3. He keeps walking and runs into a friend that is drinking a beer and singing ‘Good day sunshine’ in the middle of the beach, utterly drunk. The friend tells him, he has just had an adventure with a hot girl and keeps singing.

4.  He takes his friend and walks him to his hotel but on the way a black horse passes along running. He looks around for the owner but no one seems to care about the horse.

5. He drops his friend at the hotel, while a group of young people are singing outside. When he comes out, he walks towards the group who are starting a fire and joins them. He looks at the fire and falls asleep as if he were also drunk.

6. He wakes up from the dream.

Sarcasm, Saturday, sheet, smile, solitude, sour, sun, Sunday, supermarket, sweet.

A particular order in which related events, movements, or things follow each other. A set of related events, movements, or things that follow each other in a particular order. (Music) Repetition of a phrase or melody at a higher or lower pitch.(1)

(1) Definition taken from: (27 February, 2013)

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C is for Complexity

Timeless by Mike Ellis

Timeless by Mike Ellis. 1Thing group (07 July, 2012)

Life and death  have been subjects for analysis and reflection. Many studies and beliefs have tried to explain what those simple words mean, for us as individuals, and for people as a social construction that holds our lives. Those words…the most basic subjects within our consciousness, and we cannot yet explain them. Isn’t it true that one of the qualities that makes us humans is the possibility of acknowledging our own mortality? And what is mortality if not the dance between life and death? Who is the first person or what is the first situation that reveals to us our mortal condition? Would it be possible for us to not be conscious of death if we were born away from society? Then…is the acknowledgement of mortality a human condition or a social condition? Is it the same?

I guess the complexity of life and death is not in experience them, but in trying to explain them.

Car, cat, challenge, cheese, court, crab, crown, cruel, curtain, cut. 

The state or quality of being intricate or complicated. A factor involved in a complicated process or situation. (1)

(1) Definition taken from: (11 August, 2012)


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