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We take a breath

Drawing…a therapy for the creative


John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (2)John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (3)John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (4)John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (5)John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (6)John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (1)

“Each Line One Breath” is a series of meditative drawings by artist John Franzen. He calls them morphogenetic freehand drawings.

He starts with a straight line all the way down a page, and then slowly draws another line beside it. He tries his best to copy the line exactly but inevitably there are tiny imperfections. These “mistakes” are amplified as he copies each new line, and the drawing begins to reveal itself like a curtain. (text via booooom.com)

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Mastery… Drawings and motion…Animation

THE DUET by Glen Keane

 This is one of those videos that one has to share for the admiration that one feels simply by watching the images, not to mention the motion. Glen Keane has a career of utter success with Disney’s Classics like: The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Tarzan and Tangled. This short film is a much simpler project and yet it still captivates the attention of  the viewer very easily… I think that when images engage one’s interest without words is exactly when one can acknowledge the power of communicating clearly through the visual language.

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The process of creation

I’ve been swimming around in You Tube and have seen several speed painting videos that are great!  What amazes me the most about these videos is that you actually see the whole process of how a drawing is made, even if it took the guy a week to finish it, it seems so simple and sometimes really short, but I am sure it takes a lot to learn to draw in such a wonderful way and the will to upload the videos and give tips is a nice way to share knowledge for the people that is trying to learn. It is a great exercise of how people can create if they are willing to do it, and for the audience to admire the process.

I share this video with you because I really like Kung Fu Panda 🙂 and I think the image is nice! Hope you like it.

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Lady and the Dragon by ~DraughtsmanD on deviantART


Lady and the Dragon by ~DraughtsmanD on deviantART.

An image that will always comfort me! I am grateful to have such a special person close to me.

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