D is for Director




This is a man who flies away in his mind. He has the capacity not only to organise people and stuff, both wittingly managed as props, but also ideas, moments, events, emotions and stories. Many of them known by their special features that, although are not a requirement, seem to be the preferred behaviour among them: obsession for control, obsession for a story, obsession for images and words; detachment from reality in order to create another sort of reality; reflectiveness upon anything and everything that happens around. This is a very dangerous man who, no doubt, will bewitch anyone that likes magical imagery through the stories he can manage to put in images, movement and time; and also through the happiness and satisfaction that inevitably causes in the audience.


Wordy Words

D is for…

Day, dairy, daisy, daughter, dear, destiny, detachment, dilatation, divine, dominant, door, dormant, doorway, dragon, dreams, drops, drugs, dubious, dull, dungeon, duty.


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