S is for Shot


The camera is on, the lens open and:

1. Click, –’Action!’: a woman is walking her dog through a long park, the trees are leafy and their colours seem bright, different tones of green and yellow, perhaps a few light-brownish branches. Her dog is smelling the grass and it sets loose, runs towards a man who is drinking coffee while walking, he is a bit distracted by the cars. The woman is afraid the dog might cross the street, the man notices the dog and calls it with familiarity. The dog comes back to him and smells him moving its tale and barking with joy. The woman stops and smiles. –’Cut!’. Click.

2. Click, –’Action!’: The family is in the kitchen sitting around the table having breakfast, the children’s toys are around the place. Fruit is in the table, orange juice, tea and toast. The three little kids finish their breakfast and run upstairs to their room in despair to play. Laughs and screams are heard while mom and dad are sitting at the table discussing their weekend. Dad remains silent whilst trying to smell something different, smoke is coming down the stairs and the laughing has ceased. The smell of something burning is evident and they run upstairs to take their kids. –’Cut!’. Click.

3. Click, ‘Action!’: in the set of a car race two strong and very different men, dressed for the occasion, get inside their racing cars and prepare themselves for the race. The crowd in the benches behind is screaming with excitement. Around the cars is a lot of movement by the engineers and supervisors who are also preparing the competitors. Both men look to each other in rivalry, they start their engines and wait for the sound. The sound is heard and they advance. –’Cut!’. Click.

Salt, season, seriousness, show, similarity, spa, star, superiority, supreme, synchronisation.

Photography:a photograph, especially a snapshot: Here’s a nice shot of my kids.
the act of making a photograph, especially a snapshot.
Movies, Television: a unit of action photographed without interruption and constituting a single camera view.(1)

(1) Definition taken from <http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Shot?s=t&gt; (22 March, 2014)


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