S is for Sequence

1. A man walks on a beach slowly and sees a big rock on the shore.

2. He walks to the rock and digs a bit below it. He hides something in the sand and covers it.

3. He keeps walking and runs into a friend that is drinking a beer and singing ‘Good day sunshine’ in the middle of the beach, utterly drunk. The friend tells him, he has just had an adventure with a hot girl and keeps singing.

4.  He takes his friend and walks him to his hotel but on the way a black horse passes along running. He looks around for the owner but no one seems to care about the horse.

5. He drops his friend at the hotel, while a group of young people are singing outside. When he comes out, he walks towards the group who are starting a fire and joins them. He looks at the fire and falls asleep as if he were also drunk.

6. He wakes up from the dream.

Sarcasm, Saturday, sheet, smile, solitude, sour, sun, Sunday, supermarket, sweet.

A particular order in which related events, movements, or things follow each other. A set of related events, movements, or things that follow each other in a particular order. (Music) Repetition of a phrase or melody at a higher or lower pitch.(1)

(1) Definition taken from: http://oxforddictionaries.com (27 February, 2013)


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