‘Before Midnight’ is a reality

Jesse and Celine in 'Before Midnight'

Sometimes people who like cinema can get excited about an upcoming release or even wish to watch a film that involves specific themes or characteristics, and when those films are finally available to them , a certain excitement comes and wrap them with happiness.

For me,  the realisation of the film Before Midnight goes beyond that. The first time I watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset it was because of a recommendation that, if it was not an accident, I believe it was a wonderful surprise from the universe.

After watching those movies I got the feeling that I was finally watching something that could really captivate what it is to meet someone, to connect and to trust, somehow, in that connection. My feeling went further to even believe that this movies could represent how a relationship could be nowadays, and I lived with them in my mind, and every time I watched them I could feel a comforting hope and reality.

Before Sunrise‘s  ending is not very clear to whether something between them could really happen or not. I always thought that the real ending depended on me and that I would have to trust in what I wanted for them to happen, but now Before Midnight is here to show what was of this couple that met once, twice and then … Well I have to watch the movie to say what happened then. I can only say that if someone has ever experienced what it is to wait for something for a long time, not knowing if you could get an answer or not, and suddenly finding that somehow it has become a reality, and even more than that, it has come to you, can understand the joy that brings me the fact that Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke decided to bring this part of the story.

If you also like Linklater’s romantic story, here is a note from THR’s about it.


Sundance 2013: Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Before Midnight for Mid-Seven Figures – Hollywood Reporter.


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