Another Classic by Tim Burton

Tim Burton

I know that many think that Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton was not the success that other of his films have achieved. His last work was Frankenweenie, a film that has had acceptance in several festivals and by the audience, however this last movie was a remembrance of Burton’s first jobs and a classic regarding his style and ‘world view’. Now, he comes back with another classic, Pinocchio, and it seems that Robert Downey Jr. will collaborate in this project as well as Jane Goldman, the screenplayer of Stardust, Kick Ass (2010) and X-Men- First Class (2011). I hope Pinocchio  makes honour to the Burton filmography and have great acceptance by the audience. Here I leave you THR writing about Jane Goldman’s addition to the project.

Jane Goldman to Write ‘Pinocchio’ for Robert Downey Jr. and Tim Burton (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter.


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