[WALL DESIGN] | klub7

 This month will be dedicated to street art, graffiti and to all those designs that are made on the street, for the street.

I should be sleeping know or writing a letter, but it seems I  just can’t find the way to do it…Instead I started to navigate through this wonderful thing that we call ‘the web’ and I bumped into this great designs, illustrations and paintings produced by a particular group based in Germany called: Klub7.

I’ve never been much into graffiti, but lately I’ve had to learn about this tendency in the Arts, and I just watched a movie about graffiti and about this famous mysterious artist, ‘Banksy’ (I will come back with the trailer and a short review later). I used to think about paintings as a private matter, something that you could look at and feel absorbed by it, an art work that you could put in a hidden place in your home and admire it for your own amusement or inspiration, even to terrify you or to claim something from you, like in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey.  Most of the time, the only access that a common person can have to paintings is through museums, galleries and now with the technology of our computers (even if they are only reproductions, please look for The Work of Art in the age of mechanical reproduction by Walter Benjamin,1936, for more information) But it is still a personal experience that is driven by your own decision, because you choose to go to a certain gallery or museum, to know the work of determined artist or collective.

With Street Art the experience changes because it is not by your conscious decision  that you find the art, it is more like the art finds you. In some way people on the streets are forced to be the audience of the artists that are not just telling something, they are screaming out loud several ideas. I’m grateful for that, indeed. Now… from my point view, the sublime comes when these paintings and stamps become part of the environment and landscape surrounding us, and as in nature, there are things we find beautiful and some others that we cannot understand yet, but how fortunate it is when an artist that knows nothing about you, force you to withdraw your sight from the daily affairs of life, for you to turn around your head and mind to look into a new idea. It is a common place where a connection is created because, how many people goes through that place and thinks about the same thing? How many people are amazed by the same image? and how many people hates it? Is there a connection between them? Was it important for a group of people to see the image in a particular day? Is the art calling you or you are in need of the art? I guess I won’t have the answers to these questions tonight, but at least I keep a reflection for myself, is Street Art the modern landscape? Will we be able to sit in front of a wall painting as we can see the horizon? For me nothing is compared to nature, but how beautiful it is when you find an image that can ease your soul or makes you sigh.

Now that I have found what Klub7 does, I am sure that I will look for more of them. Here I leave a link for those curious minds who want to see what I saw tonight.

[WALL DESIGN] | klub7.


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