The day when I almost wrote…

When I started this blog, my main objective was to show images that I found interesting and to write about studies I’ve done about cinema or visual arts, everything with an academic perspective. My point was to share all I’ve been learning and keep learning throughout the years as I have found that sharing knowledge can only bring more knowledge. However, these lasts months I’ve had more contact with other blogs that I find really interesting and that awoke something within me, the desire to write again.

I remember that when I was at College I used to have lots of essays to write, reports and sometimes stories to create. I always had fun with each assignment, it was challenging to sit down and try to imagine how you were going to start, you had a deadline and it was just something you had to do. The process of writing for me was always really fast: write and erase, write and erase until I was satisfied. Most of the time I wasn’t, at least not completely, always felt there was something missing in each text, whether it was structure, more drama, an interesting series of events and so on.  There are few texts that I cherish along with my final dissertation for the degree.  That dissertation took me more than one year, it was about cinema and food, I investigated a lot to make the final analysis that I had to present before my final exam. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences, because even though it took me so long, every time that I sat around the table to write, analyse or even think how I was going to put the idea down in words, it was an adventure, I felt alive, somehow I always felt I was discovering something by myself. Even if research means to read the studies that other people has done, for me meant like if I were exploring inside a lost cave.

Years later I find myself working in something that I really like but missing that part of my life, the part that used to write, that used to say ‘Now…how would you represent the idea of excitement and lucidity within a common story?’ or ‘Try to define a word with a story’. Everything that I’ve done lately is to pass news I find interesting and sometimes a few remarks about any kind of affair. But no real stories have come out of my mind, not even an opinion of something based in a research or a movie.

Today, I tried to write… there is an exercise that I do in this blog about creating a definition of a cinema or visual arts’ concept out of a story or sometimes through the description of an item. Of course this ‘out of my perspective’ definition is based in its true meaning, the interesting trick is try to express in words and images the way you understand a concept and pass that concept within the boundaries of its own meaning, putting aside any kind of prejudice or traditional ideas. Today I tried to write a story that could represent the idea of OPACITY, I just can picture an old lady cleaning the mist off her glasses; I know that it has to be something related with how we see at things and the our possibility of us choosing how to look at things: clear or behind the mist. However I just can locate this old lady within a story, right now there is nothing before or after her, she is in a sort of ‘Limbo’ cleaning her glasses. I been went on a research of images that could give me an idea of how to start and nothing, I found great pictures, but nothing that could help me to finish this idea. I don’t know when will I have time again to sit down and finish the story…

I don’t know if this way of ‘revelation’ works, I’ve read blogs where people open themselves to the world describing interesting events in their lives and found them funny and sometimes with a certain projection with my own life. Today, this…is just a revelation, me saying I want to write and today I just don’t know how.  What is interesting? what is moving? What is worth of being written? How can I find that subject that will glue me to the keys of my lap? Will have to find a way! and from where to start?



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