A is for Actor

<br />British Museum.<br />http://www.artfund.org/ecards/artwork/10242/1195/thank-you (10 December, 2011)

Niesner, Lisi. Actress Mavie Hoerbiger as Tinkerbell, Reuters. Katsushika Hokusai.












Today I’m a woman,

Yesterday was a man,

Tomorrow I will probably be someone that does not exist.

I’ve lived everywhere and nowhere. I exist in a world of dreams.

I’ve tasted the life of many in just one body. I’ve pretended, I’ve lied, I’ve been honest and deceitful. I’ve lived others lives. I’ve played to imagine the reality and to make real the impossible. I’ve cried on purpose and smiled of nothing. I’ve seen the world in a square and have met hundreds of people when they were just ten. I’ve been a bee and ended up as a queen. I’ve loved someone when everyone else was loving me and I love them all for they are right in front of me, watching!

Who am I?

Absence, absolute, accompanied, admiration, ambitious, ant, apple, arbitrary, art, artist.

 A person whose profession is acting on the stage, on movies, or on television (1).

(1) Definition taken from: http://oxforddictionaries.com/ (17 March, 2012)


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