BAFTA Film Awards Winners and Nominations in 2012 – Film Awards – Film – The BAFTA site

Follow the link to check nominations and winners for the BAFTAs 2012

BAFTA Film Awards Winners and Nominations in 2012 – Film Awards – Film – The BAFTA site.

Personally I feel that there will be always someone disappointed about any sort of awards. If not Oscar’s, then BAFTA or Cannes or Berlin. There is always disagreement because everyone has a different point of view and unfortunately much of the things that we watch pass through our judge, prejudices, our subjectivity and sometimes our likes and dislikes…Therefore, about the results of the 2012 BAFTA, I just can say that I’m really happy these films were considered:

Drive, The Ides of March, My week with Marilyn, The Artist, Pina, Hugo, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Shame, We need to talk about Kevin, The Iron Lady, Midnight in Paris, Beginners and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

However, I should always (and I would like that everyone could) remember that lots of movies that are not even considered by this sort of events, turn out to be great achievements for the cinema field…Isn’t true that Citizen Kane did not win the Oscar for best film and is one of the greatest movies ever? Is it not true that is considered a ‘must’ for all the people that wants to participate in cinema? What about Bergman or Theo Angelopoulous (that recently died in a dreadful motorcycle accident)?

I like to watch this kind of events because they work out like guidelines to review what’s on the market and sometimes even the tendency that cinema is taking, but in the end, the great discoveries depend on us watching movies.

Good luck to all with your wishes for next year!








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