R is for Random

A woman with no past and no future, arrived sooner or later, to a town with no boundaries marked by any street or avenue. She found an old man, to whom she addressed thus:

-Hello old man, who are you? Could you please tell me your name? What is this town?

The old man, that was sitting in a chair, on a porch, on a street with no name answered:

-I am no one that you haven’t seen before, another one, but not someone you might have chosen. Now… Who are you and where do you com from?

This said the woman:

I am a woman with no name, no past, no future. I’ve come from nowhere and I certainly have no defined place.

Railway, rare, rat, reason, resume, rhythm, ride, riot, rock, rotten.

Made, done, happening or chosen without method or conscious decision (1).

(1) Definition taken from: http://oxforddictionaries.com/ (3 January, 2012)


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