T is for Transparency


A drop of water was looking at the sky. The clouds had formed figures that the little drop thought were funny: a rabbit was there jumping on the biggest cloud, white leaves were dancing around, the sun was amused by his light passing all over them and the wind was running through all the space. The contours were detailed though the inside of every figure was sort of blurry. The little drop was happy to see the party between them, it wanted to participate but it has just fallen off her mother cloud and was hanging from a tree, looking down to the lake in which it was about to fall. The mirror.

Tart, temperature, terms, throne, tickles, treat, tomato, tolerance, torrent, two.

The condition of being transparent. An image, text or positive transparent photograph printed on transparent plastic or glass, able to be viewed using a projector (1).

(1) Definition taken from: http://oxforddictionaries.com/ (19 September, 2011)


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