S is for Screen

In the middle of the darkness a bright light reflects on your face, it comes from a flat surface close to you that shows images, stories, memories and creations from other people’s minds. It is a window to another world alike, and yet exactly the opposite, to your own.
 Sale, Saturn, sight, soil, solemnity, souvenir, sovereign, stubbornness, supper, surprise.
The surface of a cathode-ray tube or similar electronic device, esp. that of a Television, VDT, or monitor, on which images and data are displayed. A blank, typically white or silver surface on which photographic image is projected. A flat piece of ground glass on which the image formed by a camera lens is focused. A thing providing concealment or protection(1).
(1) Definition taken from:  http://oxforddictionaries.com/ (21 August, 2011)

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