A little history and some recomendations.

So, comic books started in the 1930´s as a form of expresion and creativity, from that point, a lot of people in the world started to make themselves way into this new art. We can see some of the earliest comic books, such as The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck, drawn by the Swiss cartoonist Rudolph Topffer; of course, it was not really considered a real comic book, because of the style, but even so, it was great.

Then we can jump to more famous comic books, such as Superman (Born in the Golden Age of Comics – 1938), Flash (1940) or The Hulk (1962). This tittles can move our world just by listening them. They have been there to entertain us, to change our way of seeing the world, to tell us about the character and the creator.

Of course, we cannot forget the Graphic Novel. Some say that Graphic Novel and the Comic Book is the same. But is not. Graphic Novels are created only by a single author that makes the role of cartoonist, colorist and editor, the themes are more dense, there is different narrative times, flashbacks, the stories are usually more extensive and have a literature structure.

In comic books, we can see different artists, a more colorful- superheroe style, the stories sometimes are shorter, and they include jokes, funny situations, etc.

So, my friends, i invite you to explore this different kind of entertainment, and enjoy some tittles as Batman/Lobo, Batman R.I.P. Watchmen, Scott Pilgrim, etc. Just search for them, look for a space in your room, and start making your own collection af characters.

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