B is for Brightness

A man had a dream one night. He was floating in the sea with his eyes closed, slowly he opened them but couldn’t  see anything, only a light that rather than showing, was blinding his vision. The silhouettes of birds flying around and the figure of the sun aligned with his body were the only things that could recognise. He tried to move, but didn’t find the strength nor the way to do it. He was lost and his world went dark within the brightness of the day. Soon, the sun changed position and  things went clearer, and he finally saw a blue and clean sky. A bird that looked happy and free flied over him, it was not a normal bird as its body was a mirror, when it got closer and stood over him, he saw reflected the figure of the bird he was reflecting.

It goes from light to dark. Giving out or reflecting a lot of light; shining. Full of light. Having a vivid colour. Vivid and bold (1)

Bar, barbecue, bear, beard, beacon, blossom, boots, bottle, brown, button.

(1) Definition taken from: http://oxforddictionaries.com (02 July, 2011)


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