C is for Contour

A woman seems to be asleep laying on a couch but…she is not, she is looking at the marks that her feet left on the floor while she was walking without shoes. She doesn’t have a name and is not looking for one. She cannot move, cannot talk, cannot sing, cannot laugh, despite her eagerness to move slowly and touch her legs and belly, to rub her body against the comfortable laying place and embrace herself over the chest. She is just there looking at the floor, transforming all the desired actions into thoughts. The room where she is spending that beautiful evening is warm and with low light for a special reason.
That light creates shades around and through her. Her breast looks someway hidden while the waist more pronounced. The light is behind her, and right in front of her, the draughtsman who is capturing her, he is at the beginning, he has only the contour of the body so far. The lines that play with the light.

An outline, especially one representing or bounding the shape or form of something. A line joining points on a diagram at which some property has the same value (1)

Cat, calm, car, Cézanne, cedar, coconut, comment, crown, crust, cure 

(1) Definition taken from: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/contour?region=us (17 June, 2011)


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